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The Quiet Canyon of Echo Park

People always comment that this area is ‘SO Quiet’.
If that doesn’t appeal to you DON’T BOOK TO STAY HERE.
Why is this area so quiet?

This part of Echo Park – 1 mile north of Sunset Boulevard is in the Quiet Canyon where loud noises Echo. Example: slam a door or clap your hands together. You can hear the sound bounce back to you from Miles away. This is what makes Echo Park a community. Unlike most places in the big city, people here say “Hello”. The peace of Echo Park is a communal effort. We want to thank you for not shouting, talking loud outside after dark or slamming doors. We all greatly appreciate the effort.

About the Owners

Before I started managing furnished rentals I was a set painter in the film industry. While working in 'The Biz' I was exposed to brilliant design and developed a style of my own. Even so, when I took on the task of remodeling and furnishing all 5 apartments, I still needed help. This I got from my mom: Emmy Award winning Production Designer, Kathleen B. Cooper.


As a rule, we welcome our guests to have friends over. All we ask is that you not disturb our other guests or our neighbors.


Our wifi network is shared with 5 apartments and visible to our neighbors... And though we change the passcode often we still guarentee it's secure. If you are planning on using Our network for any online purchases or banking: here's a tip: bring a router Connect your router to our router. Put your password on Your router. In settings: Hide your network. Now you have secured wifi for your apartment that only you can see. All this may sound complicated - it's really not. Please, let me know if you need help.


There are trash Barrels on east and west sides of the property.
BLUE (Recycle-rinsed and clean items: Glass bottles, Plastic, cans (aluminum or tin) Large Styrofoam, paper and Card board. For pizza boxes: tear off the top and place the clean top portion in the blue bin. The soiled bottom part goes in the black bin.
BLACK is for all trash.
GREEN Compost Bin is located on the West side of the building
Trash Day is Wednesday. Barrels are picked up early so trash barrels will be placed on the street Tuesday evening.

Central Heat and Air

In all 5 apartments.

Washer and Dryer

In all 5 apartments.


All new copper plumbing. Water in Los Angeles comes from the Central Valley and Lake Shasta. Water is tested hourly and is safe to drink. You can drink our tap water - it tastes better than bottled water. But this is not enough...
All our refrigerators feature in unit water filters for both ice and water. All units also feature a filtered water pitcher. Filters are changed often.

Cotton Linens

All towels, sheets and blankets are made from 100% cotton.
We strive to provide bath, hand and wash cloths that are clean with no stains. Oddly enough this is really hard to do. Please don't use our towels to remove your make-up. Wash your car or the floor, we provide washcloths for your face and body and cleaning rags for everything else.

Keyless Entry

Upon booking with us, you will be given a 4 digit pin (4 numbers). Default pin is the last 4 digits of the phone number on file. To choose a different pin (once your booking is placed) Simply text your choice of 4 numbers to Michelle's cell phone.


For all 5 apartments.
Parking lot is directly behind the property. To get to the lot from Echo Park Avenue after having made a right turn on to Baxter Street. Drive past the building, make a left on Valentine, make another left at the first alley you come to. Our parking lot is at the end of the Alley.


The mailbox is near the front of the building - east side. Details about deliveries and packages will be sent after your booking is placed.
Mailbox keys available on request. Refundable deposit is $25.


Smoking is not allowed in any of our apartments or on the Patios.
However; property line is close. The areas surrounding the property are lush and beautiful.